We are proud to serve the finest Oriental Dishes found in Brantford and the Brant-County area. We use the freshest ingredients and everything we serve is made from original Thai & Vietnamese recipes in our impeccable kitchen. We show you this picture gallery to give you an idea of the country and culture where the food we serve originates from. Come to our restaurant and dine with us or take a true Asian taste home.

Pickup Discounts

10% off on pickup orders of $25.00 or more (Before taxes) and  paid in cash, delivery fee for local orders $5.00.  Tel: 519-758-0752

Dining Tips

In order to truly enjoy your dining experience at Quan 99, or at home we would like to offer a couple of suggestions. When the beef noodle soup or the sizzling hot plate arrives at your table, take a few minutes to savor the aroma which will engage your taste buds and help you enjoy the unique flavor. For the spicy dishes, like the hot and sour soup, hold the food in your mouth a few extra seconds before swallowing to allow the sensations to penetrate and enhance your dining pleasure.

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