The Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant

Banh Cam                                            4.95

A delicious pastry coated with sesame seeds and filled with coconut and yellow bean paste,served with French vanilla ice cream.

Deep Fried Bananas                         4.95

Served with French vanilla ice cream

Thai Banana Cake                             4.95

Banana, sugar, flour, milk, topped with coconut cream, sesame seeds and served with french vanilla ice cream.

Vietnamese Style Coffee                 4.95

French influenced blend of coffee,

filtered right in front of your eyes, served

with condensed milk and ice.

 Real Fruit Milkshakes.                    5.50

Your choice of strawberry, sour-sop, mango,jack fruit, pineapple, avocado and carrot.

     At Quan99 you can taste the unique flavors and aromas of world-famous, gourmet Vietnamese coffee here in Brantford!

QUAN99 Vietnamese Restaurant is proud to brew Vietnamese coffees, a tradition of careful estate farming, deep roasting (but not burnt), and sophisticated blending of heirloom

coffee varieties. Desserts & Beverages thailand attractions.jpg 4.95
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